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 The 10 Commandments of President Duterte

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The 10 Commandments of President Duterte Empty
PostSubject: The 10 Commandments of President Duterte   The 10 Commandments of President Duterte I_icon_minitimeJune 21st 2016, 12:00 pm

President Rodrigo Duterte went to an unknown location after the May 9 election. For several days he was out of reach while his number of votes increased drastically making him the 16th Philippine President. In the valley where he accordingly rested, he wrote his plans for the Filipino people.

Aside from preparing his key people to work as his cabinet members, President Rody also prepared list of his plans that must be acted immediately. On May 16, he appeared in the public to state these commandments.
The following are the 10 orders of President Duterte that every Filipino should follow.

No Drinking on public places.
 No drinking in public places like alleys. Make it your house. If you don’t have house, don’t drink. Do not occupy streets. I will order police to arrest all. Drinking must stop in plazas. Bars should stop selling liquors at 1am”

No collection for students.
“No collections or any kind. Kung walang pang party, edi walang party”

Curfew for minors.
“All minors should be at home before 10 pm. Minors are not allowed to be arrested but instead I will order to arrest the parents. Brgy Tanod should find the house of the minors. If you are not working, I will terminate you.”

Speed Limit
“EDSA must have 60 kph. Pag hindi nakita ng police, habulin ko ang police.”

War against Drugs
“The war against drugs must start from the brgy level. Only those whole completed ROTC and with neuro, na pwedeng tanod, I will issue them guns under the supervision of their brgy captains. Those who would kill the lives of my children, must be killed. Those who kill my country, must be killed” “Pagsinabi ko gawin ko”

Government employees behavior
“Yung mga nasa posisyon, wag kayong umasta na parang sino. Be courteous to everybody, kahit wala kang ngipin, save money palagay ka ng posteso, magpalagay ka and SMILE”

Corrupt officials

” Resign or Retire. I hate to hear the public to ask you to retire. Yung may mga kaso, you retire otherwise, I will send you to the territory of Abu Sayyaf to combat them. If you will be captured, I will let you there.”

Document Processing
” My proposal is, all government institutions, clearances, business permit must released in 72 hours. If it is released more than 72 hrs, I will ask why.It must be applied in all department in the entire country.We have our computers. If you don’t want to work, sabihin nyo dahil maraming naghahanap ng trabaho”

Heavy firearms and NPA rebels
“I will not allow licensing of heavy firearms. Those who have license already, ok lang yan but must have permits. Ayokong magbili ng almost full armory because corruption follows. Several times it happened before in our country ”
“The NPA rebels  have to realize that I’m in the government and while I am from the left I am their enemy as well but I am extending my hands to talk for peace.”

Videoke Limit
“Videoke must stop by 10pm. Let the children of your neighbors sleep.

Death Penalty
“It depends of the level of the crime. This is death penalty by hanging. Heinous crime, kidnapping with ransom, rape, roberry with rape and homicide– double hanging. After bitayin…bitayin ulit”

So, these are the 10 commandments of the President Rodrigo Duterte. On his sorties, he always said to the public that peace and order require discipline. Fighting against crime will be bloody.
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The 10 Commandments of President Duterte
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