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PostSubject: For Senator   For Senator I_icon_minitimeNovember 16th 2015, 12:11 pm

[size=40][ltr]Time capsule (1992-2015): This is what I’ve done and capable of doing[/ltr][/size]

I joined the government in June 1989 when the situation was very unstable and unpredictable politically and militarily. It was only 3 weeks after PC-SAF's Charlie Co. under then Capt Noli Taliño retook an NPA base camp in Siaton, Neg.Occ. on June 10. I was part of that operation. All surrendered and the base camp was taken. I said I would be in government until conditions stabilized.

Six months later, the December coup of 1989 took place. The first day was spent in a safehouse evaluating the grim situation. The next 3 days were spent in Camp Crame defending the northwestern perimeter from rebel attack with elements of the Special Action Force and its former commander Lt.Col Sonny Razon (PMA '74).

The next 3 days were spent negotiating with military rebels in Makati for the safe release of trapped tourists and civilians in the area they occupied that had turned into a deadly battle zone. With then BrigGen Arturo Enrile, we got the job done with sincerity from all sides and a meticulous evacuation plan that was implemented flawlessly.

As spokesman for the PH Government in the RP-US Bases Talks, with the backing of the Armed Forces to stand my ground where the national interest was at stake, I communicated the country's position in formal and informal settings for the U.S. to understand its constitutional underpinnings. An achilles tendon injury that required surgery and 3mos of rehab ended my assignment.

From 1990-91:
When Pinatubo erupted, Olongapo and the US bases in Clark and Subic were heavily damaged. Some of our tourist destinations in Bataan and Zambales were impacted. The long-term task of rehabiliation and recovery was rolled out in support of the local governments of Tarlac, Pampanga, Olongapo, Zambales and Bataan where tourist spots were located.

I led efforts to search and rescue trapped tourists in Baguio after a big quake (7.7) devastated it and almost all of its hotels. We teamed up with the DND-AFP and the DOTC-NAIA to ferry supplies intto Baguio and recovered tourists out of Baguio. For months thereafter, we helped the local government in their rehab and recovery plans that took them years to implement with good results.

Corregidor's total face-lift and conversion into a sacred historical site and tourist destination was completed during my time. It was begun by Sec Tony Gonzalez, continued by Peter Garrucho and then me. But the ones who deserve credit for bringing it to fruition were Col Alfred Xeres-Burgos, Beth Day Romulo and USEC Narz Lim.

The DOT's Tourism Master Plan was completed also during my time under the management of Narz. Corruption was addressed. A high ranking official was charged in court for embezzlement and fraud; likewise for an entire legal team for bribery and extortion, with the backing of the tourism industry's victims.

I also delisted Pagsanjan as a wholesome family destination because of the local government's inability to stop pedophilia and extortive practices of the boatmen that victimized tourists mid-stream.

Pres Aquino tasked me to take over Camp John Hay. Protesters from Baguio were invited to an Advisory Council i formed to help me with policy directions. I retained the entire labor force and motivated them to keep the facility ship-shape to make it attractive to the private sector. I brought in professionals from the hospitality industry to manage CJH. After 1yr, a silent audit showed that we kept CJH in better shape than when we recieved it.

It was in May 1991 that the PC-Special Action Force brought me into their fold authorized to wear the beret. Previous to that I had undertaken Sureshock, Intelligence and VIP protection training, augmented by "boots on the ground" combat environment bonding in Metro Manila and the countryside.

During the early part of 1992 I served as spokesman and as a deputy campaign manager of presidential candidate Fidel V Ramos in charge of media operations. Just before the elections I managed the swift operation that uncovered anomalies in the use of the Batasan's printing press.

From the time we learned about it and the time that the Comelec's Haydee Yorac saw for herself what was being done behind closed doors, was a span of 24hours. With me then were Gabby Gabriel Claudio, future SC Senior Justice Tony Carpio and Gens Rene Cruz and Nes Isleta. That discovery and subsequent outcome boosted FVR's chances in the race.

From 1992-1996
Just before I took over the DILG, I was awarded the Outstanding Achievement Medal by incoming President Fidel V Ramos at the anniversary rites of the Special Forces Regiment (Airborne) for my contribution to the successful resolution of the 1989 coup attempt. Earlier I was recognized by the Philippine Senate and the Philippine Constabulary for what I did at that event.

My DILG assignment had many facets:
a.) pushing devolution, decentralization and deconcentration through the Local Government Code of 1991;
b.) the PNP's housecleaning under OPLAN Pagbabago;
c.) peace talks with and amnesty for rebels and groups that came to terms;
d.) counter-insurgency through OPLAN Lambat Bitag;
e.) the breakup of private armed groups and recovery of loose firearms under OPLAN Paglalansag.
f.) anti and counter-terrorism directed at local and global threats.
g.) building capacities of the DILG, LGU, PNP, BFP and BJMP through the Local Government Academy and the Philippine Public Safety College.
h.) moral recovery program for internal and external stakeholders.

In that span of time, we were able to:
1.) rationalize the implementation of the IRA (internal revenue allotment).
2.) undertake foreign funded projects for rural development (basic infra).
3.) discipline erring local officials through suspensions and charges in court.
4.) weed out more than 3,000 police officers from generals down to sergeants for undesirable practices inimical to the inistitution and the public.
5.) deter and defeat an Al Qaeda threat to kill Pope John Paul II; blow up 11 US passenger aircraft; and crash a plane in the CIA's hqs in Langley, VA.
6.) recover alive Filipino and foreign kidnap victims of terror and bandit groups in collaboration with diplomats, local crisis mgt teams and civil society.
7.) organize the Human and Ecological Security Summit, and the 1st Asian Counter-Terrorism Summit, with countries from various parts of the world.
8.) cause many surrenders from local NPA fronts in Luzon and the Visayas such that by 1996 the number of armed insurgents had dropped to 6,000 from a peak of 25,000 during the last years of the Marcos dictatorship.
9.) organise an ecumenical Christian-Muslim religious team for moral recovery.
10.) forge a peace agreement with the RAM-SKP-YOU in 1993, and the MNLF in 1996 with buy-in from all quarters, except the MILF, through inclusion, transparency and real consultations.
11.) through CSW or completed staff work through the National Peace and Order Council, National Disaster Coordinating Council, National Committee on Anti-Hijacking and Terrorism, Anti-Poverty Council and Social Reform Council, we instilled the ethic of unity, solidarity and teamwork to get things done.
12.) collaborated with selected universities and colleges around the country for Local Government and Public Safety capability building.
13.) acquire mission-essential assets such as fast patrol craft for the PNP Maritime Command, fixed wing and rotary aircraft for PNP adminstrative missions; fire pumps for 500 municipalities w/o any firefighting capability.
14.) brought the face of government to far-flung places that had never met national government officials to listen to them and find out for themselves what their problems were. i saw the face of poverty, social injustice and armed conflict in places like the Cordilleras, Masbate, Mindoro, Negros, Albay, Samar, Sulu, Basilan, Maguindanao.
15.) gain adoptions by the Ibaloi, Gubang, Sagada and Bugkalot tribes; Lanao Norte, Lanao Sur, Sulu, Tawi-tawi, various cities and municipalities in Samar and Panay, in recognition for efforts to win the peace and plant the seeds of good governance.
16.) received various commendations and medals from Pres Ramos, Pres Bill Clinton and King Juan Carlos of Spain; and from the groups and individuals who were impacted by kidnapping and terror in gratitude for our sevices.
17.) define good government as being both matino and mahusay - integrity and competence combined - as the path to transformation which is the real meaning of the Spirit of EDSA - transforming self for a better Philippines.

Those are what I can think of for now. I invite those who were part of the journey to add to this list of what we achieved together during my time at the helm of Tourism and the Interior and LG.
These were the various positions of responsibility that I occupied during that time:
Cabinet of President Fidel V. Ramos (1992-1996)
SECRETARY, Department of the Interior and Local Government
CHAIRMAN, National Police Commission
CHAIRMAN, National Peace and Order Council
CHAIRMAN, National Action Committee on Anti-Hijacking and Terrorism
CHAIRMAN, Local Government Academy
CHAIRMAN, Philippine Public Safety College
VICE-CHAIRMAN, National Disaster Coordinating Council
MEMBER, National Security Council
MEMBER, Cabinet Security Cluster E
CABINET OFFICER for REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT, Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM)
CABINET ADVISER to the Government-Military Rebels Peace Panel
COMMISSIONER (ex-officio), National Amnesty Commission
COMMISSIONER, Presidential Anti-Crime Commission
ORGANIZER, International Conference on Human and Ecological Security, Manila, 1994
VICE-PRESIDENT for ASIA, U.N. World Ministerial Conference on Organized Transnational Crime, Naples, 1995
CHAIRMAN, International Conference on Counter-Terrorism, Baguio, 1996
SPOKESMAN for FIDEL V. RAMOS and DEP. CAMPAIGN MGR., 1992 Presidential Elections

Cabinet of President Corazon C. Aquino (1989-1992)
SECRETARY, Department of Tourism
UNDERSECRETARY, Tourism Services and Regional Offices
CHAIRMAN, Philippine Tourism Authority
CHAIRMAN, Philippine Convention and Visitors Corporation
CHAIRMAN, Intramuros Administration
CHAIRMAN, Federation of Philippine Scuba Diving Associations
TRUSTEE, Corregidor Foundation
CHAIRMAN, Camp John Hay Air Base Conversion Committee
DIRECTOR, Manila International Airport Authority
SPOKESMAN, Philippine Panel, RP-U.S. Bases Talks
Some ask what I did after leaving the government in 1996.
In a nutshell, I went back to school and earned a Master's diploma in Public Administration from Harvard John F. Kennedy School of Government in Cambridge, Massachussetts (1996-97).

I sat on the board of Coca-Cola Amatil based in Sydney, on FVR's request to represent the government in the board, and upon the invitation of Andres Soriano III; and served as a consultant for Government Relations for San Miguel (1997-98).

From 1999-2015, these are broadstrokes of what I did and happened to me:
1.) I was connected with the Lopez Group and various organizations. Taken in by Eugenio "Geny" Lopez, then under Oscar Lopez in various capacities (1999-2011) that kept me engaged in public service through the private sector:
a.) President of Maynilad Water Services Inc. from 1999-2004. During this time, we endeavored to connect as many unconnected communities, mainly urban poor, to our water service to lower their cost and improve their quality of life.
b.) President of First Philippine Infrastructure Development Corp, and director of Manila Tollways Corp from 1999-2007, when it was sold to the group of Manny Pangilinan. NLEX was rolled out during this time.
c.) President of Lopez Group Foundation that served the public interest through program investments in education; ecological security; holistic wellness; planned parenthood; disaster-impacted communities, informal settlers relocation; and advocacies for clean renewable energy and disaster risk reduction - in partnership with other foundations of the Lopez business conglomerate (2007-2011).
2.) I joined the boards on the invitation of De La Salle University, University of St La Salle, Pepsi-Cola Products of the Philippines, Inc; SunLife of Canada; Santeh Foundation; Asian Institute of Management (in behalf of the Lopez Group); and most recently the Philippine Council for Foreign Relations. I was elected twice to the boards of the Management Association of the Philippines and its Foundation.
3.) I'm a member of the International Instute for Strategic Studies (IISS); Phiconsa; Futuristics Society; chair Audit and Governance committees of various corporate boards; chair the National Security Committess of MAP and PCFR; an eminent Fellow of the Development Academy of the Philippines; and Fellow of the Institute of Corporate Directors and Institute for Solidarity in Asia; and the National Mission Council of De La Salle Philippines.
4.) I produced a documentary "Tagaligtas" which can be found in my YouTube channel "Raffy Alunan Thinking Out Loud" and co-authored a book entitled "Silver Linings" on the invitation of Melandrew Velasco, and collaborated by former President Fidel V Ramos and the Special Action Force (SAF).
5.) Served in the Army as Commanding Officer of the 131st Reserve Division and later as Commanding Officer of the 9th Infantry Division (Ready Reserve). We conducted many medical civic action missions in Metro Manila and Central Luzon (our Area of Responsibility); supported Task Force Lawin during the May 1, 2000 urban uprising in Metro Manila; and networked with the private sector for disaster preparedness.
6.) Graduated from the Operations Course of the Army's General Staff and Command College (2001) and obtained a certificate from Harvard Kennedy in the Leaders in Development course (2010).
7.) Interfaced with the national security community and continued maintaining my links in the uniformed services community, providing advice on counter-insurgency, terror and credible deterrence.
8.) initiated the creation of the West Ph Sea coalition that has morphed into many other like-minded groups here and abroad; stood for the principle of a just and lasting peace in Mindanao and throughout the country through a well-thought out methodology of inclusion, real and exhaustive consultations, and transparency; continue to call for justice for SAF44; and raise the level of awareness on the deleterious impact of BBL on One Country, One Constitution and One Flag.
9.) champion to this day the need to change our "ugali" if we are to move the country forward through good government and responsible citizenship; the call of the hour to be "matino" and "mahusay;" amend the economic provisions of the 1987 constitution; and engage in any arena to make things right in the national interest and for the common good.
l0.) I've been writing a column in Businessworld (To Take a Stand) for almost 25 years now (on leave since Oct. 16, 2015) and am very active in social media, especially Facebook and YouTube, against corruption, ecological destruction, malgovernance and bad citizenship; and for the improvement of our gross national wellbeing through good governance, civic responsibility, poverty reduction, internal security, civil and national defense, and a strong ethical base to withstand corruption, betrayal and treachery.
Our mission in life is to work for constant improvement in our daily lives and the wellbeing of the nation so that we can turn over Inang Laya to successor generations in better shape than when she was during our birth. Transformation is the eternal mission.
I was born to serve the country and the people. I tried my best to serve in various capacities, with all the integrity, competence and energy I could muster in the course of my life, with goodwill to all and malice toward none.

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