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 Dare to be great!

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Dare to be great! Empty
PostSubject: Dare to be great!   Dare to be great! I_icon_minitimeAugust 21st 2013, 12:08 pm

Here are a few things you can do to start your journey towards Awesome Town!  

1. Take note of your achievements and strengths.
 We all have our accomplishments and stellar skills that set us apart from the rest. What are yours? List them down in a notebook. Don’t be shy when listing them down—it could be as far back as winning first place in a speaking contest in high school, or as recent as helping with a big client pitch at work. List down non-work related things, as well! Are you a crochet goddess? Do you rock at Trivia Night? Oftentimes we focus on the things we failed at, and neglect to look at the things we excel at. Don’t let your failures rule over your achievements.

2. Tell yourself you’re awesome.
Look at yourself in the mirror, and tell yourself that you’re smart, confident, and loved. It may seem weird at first, but speaking truths (and positive ones!) help boost your self-confidence. Don’t really feel chipper? Fake it ‘til you make it. And trust us—you will eventually make it!

3. Walk tall, and sit up straight.
Notice how cool, confident people always have proper posture? There’s something about keeping your chin up, and your shoulders wide that exudes confidence. Plus, research has found that people with good posture tend to have more positive, goal-reaching thoughts than those who slouch on their desks.

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4. Groom yourself, and dress nicely.
Putting in a little extra effort in looking good will also make you feel good. This goes for proper grooming and your wardrobe. There’s no need to head out to the parlor everyday before you face the world: simply spending a few extra minutes fixing your hair, putting on makeup, or tossing out your raggedy jeans for tailored pants and a crisp shirt will do! Looking good and dressing well will not only make you feel confident, but it will also attract smart, successful, and positive people. Think about it: your boss doesn’t close client deals with bedhead hair and stretchy yoga pants, right?

5. Don’t think about the negative things.

Boss didn’t like your idea? Having a hard time finishing up a project? It’s so easy to start that “negative self-talk”. You know the drill: you’re not good enough, bad things are happening because you’re not that skilled, or simply that your boss hates you. STOP IT. Silence these thoughts the second you feel them creeping in. You will only waste energy entertaining them, which then lowers your self-esteem. There are many factors at play when bad things happen. It is never only your fault.

6. Stop worrying.

It’s normal to worry about the outcome of a presentation or a project. But there’s no need to spend half the day mulling over the many possible outcomes. The fact is, whatever will happen, will happen; so don’t sweat it. Focus your energy on something else, like starting on a new project.

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7. Live healthier.

Quit smoking, cut out all that junk food, and start exercising. When you start living a healthier life, you’ll start to feel more positive—and in the long run, more confident about your capabilities. Being able to change your lifestyle for the better proves that you are in control of your life: a sign of a confident and capable person.

8. Hang out with supportive people.
Steer clear of people who look down or belittle you, and surround yourself with people who support and appreciate you.

9. Don’t be too sensitive.

Not everyone will like your personality, your work, or even the way you dress. That’s okay. Not everyone will be okay with the person that you are. The good news is, you can always change. Start by taking criticism with a grain of salt. If your colleague says you’re too loud at work, try to think back if you do have a loud voice. If you do, then consider taking it down a notch. If you think she’s overreacting, then shrug it off. Either way, there’s no need to start thinking, “I’m too loud, everybody hates me, I’ll just keep to myself forever.”

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Dare to be great!
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