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 Bye, Bye Blotchy

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PostSubject: Bye, Bye Blotchy   Bye, Bye Blotchy I_icon_minitimeJune 5th 2013, 11:55 am

Majority of women run after "whiter" complexions not realizing that what
they perceive as "dark" is actually the result of having a blotchy,
uneven complexion. Blotchy skin refers to uneven patches of color on the
skin ranging from redness to dark spots, which can give you an overall
muddy-looking visage. Check out these steps to help banish the blotch.

Cause and Effect
and foremost, you have to determine the root of your blotchy skin.
Factors that cause unevenness in skin tone include premature age spots
due to sun exposure or environmental triggers like pollution or
allergens present in your surroundings.

Consult the experts
Before embarking on your very
own skincare trials, it's important to consult a dermatologist first.
"Blotchy skin could be caused by pre-existing conditions like rosacea,
acne, eczema or dermatitis," says Dr. Diana Lorenzo of Skinhealth. In
cases like these, it's important to find the source of the discoloration
in order for it to be properly managed.

Block the sun
One of the chief causes of uneven
complexion is being exposed to the sun and its harmful UV rays. Ask any
skin expert and they are all quick to prescribe a good sunscreen as part
of one's daily skin care regimen. Look for a formula that suits your
skin type and lifestyle, e.g. if your skin is oily, look for an
oil-free, fluid-type sunscreen that dries matte or if you're a surfer,
make sure to look for high SPF with opaque coverage.

Damage control
A heaping of antioxidants—inside
and out—does the body and skin good. Antioxidants help fight free
radicals, which cause cellular aging and help prevent cell and tissue
damage. Make sure to include an antioxidant-rich cream in your daily
skin care routine—antioxidants ingredients include vitamin C, vitamin E
and fruit by-products like lycopene. These not only help even out your
skin, they'll also protect your skin from further damage.

When covering up blotchy skin with
makeup, it's important to know what color the unevenness is. Piling on
foundation or concealer to cover up blotchy skin will only give you
cake-y face on top of the blotchiness. A color corrector, either in
cream or fluid type, mixed in with your regular foundation will help
neutralize the discoloration on your face without you having to apply a
lot of product. If the cause of your uneven skin tone is mostly red—red
patches on cheeks, forehead and chin, then a green corrector will help
neutralize the red. Similarly, brown patches on skin can be neutralized
by an orange corrector (bonus: the orange corrector works on dark
undereye circles, too). When applying your color corrector make sure to
mix it with your foundation or concealer instead of applying it
directly, mixing it into your base will make it easier to blend.

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Bye, Bye Blotchy
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