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 Pogi Practices

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PostSubject: Hello admin   Pogi Practices I_icon_minitimeJune 19th 2013, 3:25 pm

I read it what you have posted...this is really impressive.
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PostSubject: Pogi Practices   Pogi Practices I_icon_minitimeMay 16th 2013, 12:08 pm

You may not be Brad Pitt, George Clooney, or Adam Levine, but you can
still exude that “laglag-panty” appeal. The secret is in the grooming!
These days, there’s no shame in caring for your appearance—in fact,
women love it when a man cleans up nicely.

Here, women spill the men’s grooming habits they go gaga over. Plus, professional stylists share helpful grooming tips!

Hair, facial and otherwise

Amarra, a marketing executive at Warner Music Philippines, is drawn to
“a short and clean haircut.” She adds, “Not really a fan of facial
hair.” Girls seem to be split down the middle about this; some girls
like their guys clean-shaven; others can’t resist a devil-may-care
stubble. Host, model, and new bride Patty Laurel-Filart says, “I love it
when my husband gets a clean shave! As much as I love his scruffy
beard, it’s nice to have him smooth and fuzz-free from time to time.”
Ruby Gan, co-owner of Shop Manila Inc., shares, “My weakness is a five
o’clock shadow.”

Whatever your style
preference is, make sure that your clothes have a flattering fit, and
are not too baggy or skintight. Women tend to love a look that is crisp
yet effortless. As Esquire Magazine’s sexy senior account exec, Andi
Trinidad is surrounded by spiffy men professionally. It seems to have
rubbed off on her personally too, as her top men’s grooming weakness is:
“Well-pressed clothes!”

Squeaky-clean styling is a total turn
on for Vicki Abary, Brand Marketing Consultant of Vogue Concepts, Inc.
“I like a freshly-showered man with a hint of fragrance in a crisp white
long-sleeved polo shirt tucked into jeans who is ready to go out at
night. I like a man best like this because it is his squeakiest clean
before he gets himself rumpled, sweaty and reeking of all sorts of

Meanwhile, Meg Sta. Ines, Marketing Manager of Park Inn
by Radisson Davao, shares: “It might be a little weird, but I dig guys
who can sport a rocker look even in a suit. It's like a perfect balance
between being playful and romantic.”

Ruby, who works in fashion,
but is also a marathoner and powerlifter, is less concerned about the
clothes, and more about the guy’s bod. What would catch her eye: “Great
arms, developed calves and legs—no chicken legs, please!”

It’s in the Details

are all these little things that get girls kilig about their guys,
like, for example, the casual, confident way he drives. While girls are
sneaking glances at you from their side of the car, make sure there are
details that won’t ruin their view, like wayward hair sticking out of
your nostrils, or dirt under your fingernails. Isa is adamant: “Nails
have to be clean!”

Scent of a Man

the one thing that leaves a lingering impression on women is fragrance.
It can make or break a date, so be sure to use just the right scent that
suits the occasion and captures your personality. More importantly,
spray sparingly on pulse points so she gets a tantalizing whiff when you
come close—and not from a mile away! What makes a guy hot? “He always
has to smell good!” says Isa. Andi loves musky, woody scents (“like the
old-school Polo fragrance”). Ruby loves guys who are “clean-smelling,
pati sa panamit.” Meg seconds the motion: “I don't really mind what
scent he wears, I just like him smelling fresh and clean.”

-condense from
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Pogi Practices
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