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 A man has cured his stage 4 Prostate Cancer

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A man has cured his stage 4 Prostate Cancer Empty
PostSubject: A man has cured his stage 4 Prostate Cancer   A man has cured his stage 4 Prostate Cancer I_icon_minitimeDecember 1st 2017, 7:47 am

Vernon Johnson said that he has just a couple of months to live but then was successful in beating cancer in just a few weeks. He had a little help from alternative medicine and natural remedies. With their help, he managed to cure his prostate cancer having been progressed in the 4th stage. He was diagnosed in 2008 and his doctors told him that cancer had metastasized deep into the bone marrow and that his condition was irreversible.

Modern medicine still hasn’t found a cure for this dreadful disease, unfortunately, and many people suffer from cancer. Moreover, more and more people are at risk and the main reasons are the toxins we’re exposed to, the air we breathe, the water we drink – just everywhere around us. The stress is just a plus factor which affects our organism, negatively, of course, and has contributed to the increased number of cancer cases recently.

Vernon knew that his chances were small, but he was determined to live. “No” was a word that couldn’t be found in his dictionary. His son tried to convince him to start an alternative treatment, alkalizing the body, increasing his pH levels, since it’s known that cancer can’t survive in an alkaline environment. He started doing this, but one of his friends suggested cesium chloride to raise his pH levels and create the alkaline environment in order to recover. He even ordered this ingredient, but never received it since the package got lost in the mail.

His first try is unsuccessful, Vernon decided to seek other means to alkalize the body and increase the pH levels. He learned that the combination of baking soda and maple syrup provides the same, if not better results. These ingredients being available even in a local store, he decided to give it a try and see how it will affect his condition.

He didn’t know why that was a powerful tool against cancer and wanted to dig a bit deeper into the matter. Maple syrup is very powerful and allows the baking soda to enter cancer cells and jolt them with a sudden surge of alkalinity, oxygenate them and lead to their decomposition. Vernon gathered the information he needed and was firm to defeat this inferior disease before it defeated him.

He started recording his progress and named his journey “the last dance with cancer”. The main focus was to consume high alkaline food that is rich in vitamins and minerals, as well as supplements, and to be more and more out, under the sun. He combined this program with breathing exercises into his daily routine – they helped him a lot, especially with the increased oxygenation boosted by the increase in pH levels.
Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) is the cheapest, safest and most effective remedy that might exist in the fight against cancer. You have nothing to lose, you can only gain,” Vernon says. He even started using molasses which further improved his condition since it brought to his organism a better mineral basis and nutrition.
He was determined and continued with his treatment for a few weeks and afterward, he went to the doctor for a check-up. The extensive tests brought amazing news. Cancer, both prostate, and bone were completely gone, wiped out from his system. Vernon was a healthy man!
Today he is fine and shares his story with everyone on the planet, everyone who is ready to listen, with people who are in a similar situation. He tells them not to despair – the cure is out there and one just need to be determined to find it.
For the miraculous Vernon drink, all you need is:
– 2 spoons of baking soda
– a teaspoon of molasses (maple syrup).
Just mix them in a cup and add some water. Heat up the mixture so that the baking soda dissolves. For better results, drink this remedy a few times a day.

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A man has cured his stage 4 Prostate Cancer
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